Frontignan-Plage: new season for the “Neptune”

Frontignan-Plage: new season for the “Neptune”

L’aventure saisonnière reprend pour Christian et Frédéric.

In Frontignan-Plage, spring is synonymous with metamorphosis, rhyming with the reopening of businesses.

One of the first to have raised the curtain at the beginning of April is the unmissable & quot;Neptune".

This tobacco-beach item taken over five years ago by Christian Chuecos and Frédéric Mauran, the duo always so positive and smiling, represents an absolutely central space in Frontignan-Plage east bank.

In addition to 200 m2 of clothing of all kinds, they also offer many local products, all types of beach items, wine, games, PMU… and every morning , of course, Midi Libre!

"We always try to be as complete as possible and to work as much as possible with the locals, claim the two friends. In this sense, this year they are starting a collaboration with the Frontignanaise bakery "Le Moulin de la Rocade".

Open 7 days a week, from 7 to 7:30 p.m., until the end of September.

Correspondent Midi Libre: 07 69 56 27 35

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