Gard Rhodanien Business Office: a network and a one-stop shop to facilitate entrepreneurship

Gard Rhodanien Business Office: a network and a one-stop shop to facilitate entrepreneurship

Jeudi 6 juin, l’office des entreprises a organisé des portes ouvertes dans la matinée. C.B.

L’office des entreprises du Gard rhodanien a organisé jeudi 6 juin une matinée de portes ouvertes pour présenter ses services et ses locaux.

Thursday June 6, the Gard Rhone business office, in the Euze area in Bagnols-sur-Cèze, organized its open days. "Most people came to meet our partners" underlines Michel Dominguez, head of the corporate relations department at the&rsquo ;office, launched ten years ago by the Gard Rhone agglomeration within its attractiveness and development pole.

"The office is a one-stop shop, a gateway for those who want to create their business, or those who want to develop it" he explains. "We have around fifteen partners, including consular chambers, the bar and accountant associations, financial partners and business groups, with whom we organise economic meetings, investors' evenings, breakfasts, afterworks…“.

Financial partners

A network that opens doors for entrepreneurs regardless of their status. "For example, our financial partners grant zero-interest loans, which can go up to 80,000 euros, and this opens the door to banks that lend in turn".

Another service that entrepreneurs have access to at the office: a first free meeting with a lawyer and an accountant to receive advice on disputes, company statutes, the terms of creation…

Workspaces for companies

In the vast office building, the CCI, the Chamber of Trades and the Chamber of Agriculture are hosted, "everything is grouped together on our site, which makes it easier things".
Each year, some 200 companies are received, guided and monitored by the office's small team, "two thirds creators, one third companies in development. We also have about a thousand calls for information" specifies Michel Dominguez.
Beyond this one-stop shop, the business office has workspaces, – co-working, pop-up offices, nursery –, rented on demand. "We also provide rooms free of charge for companies to organize work meetings." 

Company office, ZA de l’Euze, 169 rue Fernand-Jarré, Bagnols-sur-Cèze.
Tel 04 66 79 38 00. I subscribe to read more

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