Générations movement continues its commitment to its four thousand members in Lozère

Générations movement continues its commitment to its four thousand members in Lozère

Michèle Castan a invité les élus et le préfet à participer à la réunion annuelle de la fédération Générations mouvement de Lozère.. DR

L’assemblée générale de la fédération, qui a eu lieu samedi 13 avril 2024, a permis d’envisager de beaux projets dans les mois à venir.

The Lozère federation of the Générations Mouvement association held its annual general meeting on Saturday April 13, 2024, at the Notre-Dame high school, in Mende. The 6th vice-president of the departmental council, Françoise Amarger-Brajon, the prefect of Lozère, Philippe Castanet, and the mayor of Mende, Laurent Suau, responded to the invitation to participate in the discussions with around a hundred of people.

Members on the rise

The association, governed by the law of 1901, voluntarily supports its members, the majority of seniors, in their living spaces, by creating links and responding to their needs Daily. In the department, no less than 4,000 people are members of Générations movement, a number that is increasing. "We were at 3 700 last year, we are starting again well after the years of Covid-19", rejoices Michèle Castan, president of the federation Lozère.

Spread across around sixty clubs, members can call on volunteers for varied training, care assistance, physical activity, etc. "The social bond is the basis of our missions, continues the president. There are a lot of people who are isolated and we are fighting against it, in particular by organizing events."

Driving Refresh

Who says isolation, says mobility. And sometimes, this factor becomes a real issue. Some people do not have the means to travel. Others use their car. With the aim of raising awareness, Générations Mouvement organizes road safety prevention sessions. "We believe that sometimes, as we age, reflexes change and signaling evolves. It is important to offer upgrades", underlines Michèle Castan.

The finances and budget of Générations Mouvement are correct, which allows the federation to consider the future with serenity. "This year, we have two trips planned, one to Austria, the other to Mimizan. We will also develop training in computer accounting and first aid." Without forgetting the area of ​​physical activity with, soon, a local hiking certificate. A whole bunch of projects that fit together so that members can flourish in their lives.

The Générations Mouvement departmental celebration will take place on Thursday June 20, in Marvejols. I subscribe to read more

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