Halls dismantled in Béziers, dry water tables, wrecks useful to nature… the essential news in the region

Halls dismantled in Béziers, dry water tables, wrecks useful to nature... the essential news in the region

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Water tables: Corbières and Roussillon dry

#PYRENEES-ORIENTALES – The Geological and Mining Research Bureau (BRGM) revealed this Tuesday, February 13, the state of the water tables based on data collected as of January 31. If, on a national level, the situation has therefore considerably improved with 46% of levels above monthly normals, the aquifers of Languedoc, Roussillon and Corsica will maintain lower levels in January 2024 than ;in January 2023. The situation is particularly "worrying" and "extremely degraded" in the Corbières massif and the Roussillon plain. "Some points have observed continuously decreasing levels since May 2022 and reached historically low levels", underlines the public establishment.

The number of the day: 2

#OCCITANIE –Eight Rocket Schools exist in France. The next two will open in Occitanie, in Montpellier and Toulouse, on the same day, February 26. Their principle: train salespeople and marketers in digital technology, free of charge. Objective: leave with a Bac + 3 in your pocket. "It’is an inclusive and excellent school. 4,000 students have gone through the Rocket School since its creation in 2018, in Paris", explains Chloé Diot, the young director.

Clean up the pond and restore biodiversity

#HERAULT –For decades, the seabed of the Thau lagoon has seen disused pleasure boats and macro-waste (tyres, various plastics…) piling up one after the other. This Tuesday, February 13, Sète agglopôle Méditerranée presented an experimental depollution and ecological restoration project in the Bordelaise area, in Frontignan. In total, around thirty wrecks are located in this sector of the Natura 2000 network, classified as a Marine Protected Area (MPA). Some for the better, serving and sheltering ecosystems for underwater flora and fauna. Others (almost) for the worse, by simply polluting a diving spot recognized for its exceptional biodiversity of seahorses, mother-of-pearl shells or sea slugs. A whole methodology had to be created for "allowing the identification of wrecks to be extracted and those to be left in the water". Fifteen of them, mainly located along the bank and along the pontoon, will leave the pond by next Friday.

Drug trafficking: a Nîmes fugitive arrested

#NÎMES – On the run for several months and "active member"< /em> of the war between drug traffickers raging in the Pissevin district of Nîmes, a 25-year-old man was arrested last week, AFP learned from the judicial police this Tuesday, February 13. The fugitive, who was the subject of several convictions and against whom the courts had issued several arrest warrants, is "very well known to the police", Guillaume Lacassin, head of the national fugitive search brigade (BNRF), explained to AFP. In particular, he took an "active part" in trafficking and violence "around the deal point of the Wagner gallery", near which young Fayed, 10 years old, was killed on August 21, 2023, a collateral victim of the war between traffickers.

Markets in a thousand pieces

#BEZIERS – For at least a month, companies will destroy everything inside the Béziers halls and in the basement ground and evacuate everything that remains of the old stalls of traders and artisans. The makeover of the building began this Monday, February 12 and will last eight months. The total cost of this extensive renovation is estimated at 16 million euros. "Yes, it cost more than expected, because the construction site is progressing more quickly and the ;rsquo;we are facing more significant damage, the metal buried in the ground is much more deteriorated than we imagined", explained the mayor of the city, Robert Ménard.



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