“I am proud”: disabled Danaé Gleye, 16, will carry the Olympic flame in Millau on May 13

“I am proud”: disabled Danaé Gleye, 16, will carry the Olympic flame in Millau on May 13

Danaé Gleye, who has Down syndrome (here with her mother Alexandra Forir) will be part of the Olympic torch relay in the streets of her town Millau on May 13. orir: Midi Libre – F.MAYET

“I am proud”: disabled Danaé Gleye, 16, will carry the Olympic flame in Millau on May 13

All the students from the IME Millavois du Puits de Calès and their supervisors will wear a specific t-shirt to encourage Danaé in her Olympic torch relay on May 13. Midi Libre – F.MAYET

The young girl, affected by Down syndrome, has been studying at the Puits de Calès IME for nine years. An accomplished sportswoman (swimming, cycling, running, dancing…) she also loves football. 

A broad smile and clear eyes that cannot be hidden by a pair of red and black rimmed glasses. Danaé Gleye, a 16-year-old from Milla, showed a radiant face this Wednesday morning. Just think: she, who has Down syndrome, will hold the Olympic flame in the streets of her city on May 13! An immense pride for her of course but also for her mother, Alexandra Forir, teacher. "Danaé submitted her application last June," she returns. "At the end of August, we had not heard anything. We thought then that it had fallen into the lake!" Until this day in January when an email from the organizing committee announced the good news. "It was a great joy!" The future bearer of the Olympic flame sums up her feelings in one sentence: "I'm proud."

"Danaé never gives up"

Same feeling, obviously, for the managers and supervisors of the Puits de Calès IME gathered, with all the young people of the establishment, this Wednesday morning. "A few months ago the management of the IME chose to support the candidacy of a student to carry the Olympic flame during her visit to Millau, unfolds Isabelle Lamour, director, for seven years, of the institution. The IME was encouraged in this approach by the head office of the Optéo Foundation, the managing organization."

With, behind that, a claimed will of "share the values ​​of Olympism and Paralympism with those which guide our daily commitment and actions in supporting people with disabilities." Isabelle Lamour, in front of Danaé's mother and grandmother, paints a quick portrait of the young girl. "In her school career as in her daily life, Danaé demonstrates her will and her determination to succeed in the activities she undertakes. Danaé never gives up."

From street dance to MJC

Her mother, obviously moved, adds as an aside her daughter's taste for sport. "She practiced swimming at SOM, cycled, played football and taekwondo. She is a purple belt… so I sometimes hesitate to remind him to clean his room." Smiles. For ten years now Danaé has also been practicing street dancing at the MJC in Millau. "She is at all the galas. " It's impossible, when talking with the young girl, to silence her immense passion for football. "I’love Kylian Mbappé. I watch the matches on TV." The mother adds that posters of the idol cover the walls of the bedroom at home. "Before she was in love with Florian Thauvin…"

This Wednesday morning, all her classmates and her educators promised to be by her side for these two hundred meters lit by the Olympic flame that she will carry. "You will recognize us thanks to the t-shirt that we will have that day and which will link us to you, promises the director of the IME Isabelle Lamour. This May 13 will be a unique day for all of us, a symbol of our commitment to making the world a better place for people with disabilities."< /p> I subscribe to read more

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