Remarkable landscapes, gastronomy and conviviality: the new trinity of the Course des Trois Châteaux in Compeyre in South Aveyron

Remarkable landscapes, gastronomy and conviviality: the new trinity of the Course des Trois Châteaux in Compeyre in South Aveyron

La course des Trois Châteaux soufflera ses 28 bougies cette année. AD

At the dawn of its 28th spring, the race which opens the season of non-stadium events relies on the setting, good food and conviviality to stand out.

With the return of sunny days, outdoor races are flourishing again in the region. Among the first in a less abundant calendar, the Course des Trois Châteaux is preparing to welcome Sunday March 10 to Compeyre those who are impatiently waiting to stretch their legs after a winter warm. 

In any case, it is the wish of the organizing association with the predestined name, the Saout-Balats, literally the & #39;applies to bring into existence the meeting which will celebrate its 28th anniversary this year. 

On the program, a trail as well as a 17 km hike (700 D+) in an idyllic setting, promises President Jean Da Costa, a native of Aguessac who took over the reins two years ago, after attending the first edition of the event. To say for the young retiree that the Course des Trois Châteaux has a particular flavor is therefore an understatement. Its ambition today is to keep the memory of one of the oldest races in the region alive as long as possible. 

Gourmet refreshments

Comment ? By modifying marginally, the 17 km route which for the first time in its history will pass within the very walls of the famous three castles. That of Compeyre to begin with, but also those of Lugagnac and Cabrières, a sumptuous estate made famous for having hosted the no less famous singer Emma Calvé who, as a fan of the occult sciences, is said to have turned a few tables there. … 

Resolutely anchored in its territory, the race does not forget to celebrate good food with refreshments that give pride of place to local gastronomy. Charcuterie and cheese becoming the alpha and omega of a competition supply. "We are trying to provide gourmet supplies with specialties from Aveyron, validates the president. We will find sausage, pâté, chips, cheese for savory… But there will also be sweet and fruit."& nbsp;

Three races for children

Let chrono hunters rest assured, there will certainly be something for all tastes… and for all ages. Three races for the youngest are also on the program for 3 euros.

"A short kilometer for toddlers between 4 and 7 years old; 2.5 km for 7-13 year olds and almost 5 km for 13-17 year olds, confirms the organization which will be able to rely on around twenty volunteers to best accommodate the runners. Everyone can register now on the race site or on the departure day set at 3 p.m. – 2 p.m. for the hike – from the main square of Compeyre. 

"We will also have lots of entertainment, Jean Da Costa is jubilant. A percussion group in the village, music also in the castles, Flamenco dance and fitness shows on the square." In short, a set of little things for a "new-look" event that seeks, at the dawn of thirty, to  redo the icing. "I'would like to make this race one of the first in the department, an unmissable event for trail runners ", concludes the president who dreams of the day "when everyone will have to hurry to register because places will be limited."

Course des Trois Châteaux. Sunday March 10. 15€. All the information on the event Facebook page. 

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