Keolis for transport, new vice-president: update on the future community council of Nîmes Métropole

Keolis for transport, new vice-president: update on the future community council of Nîmes Métropole

Les élus communautaires auront à valider ce lundi 26 février le choix du nouveau délégataire des transports Keolis. Midi Libre – MiKAEL ANISSET

Le conseil communautaire de Nîmes Métropole se déroulera lundi 26 février, 18 heures, au Colisée.

After months of preparation and meetings, the choice of the new transport delegate for Nîmes Métropole will be submitted to a vote by elected officials during the community council on Monday February 26, 6 p.m. This is Keolis which will be able to operate, after the vote, the public transport service on the territory of the Agglo from July 1, 2024 to December 31, 2030.

It thus succeeds Transdev, the previous operator, after having beaten RATP Développement during the call for tenders. Keolis was able to convince for the financial value of the offer, the performance of the operating project and the quality of the service.

In the deliberation text, Nîmes Métropole recalls the eleven missions with, for example, the implementation of a transport plan, an anti-fraud policy, personnel management, maintenance, and maintenance of assets and systems.

The Agglo also sets objectives for the future public service delegate: to offer a network "consistent in its routes and timetables, easy to use, attractive, economically optimized& ;quot;, ensure quality service, optimize service productivity, reduce and control service production costs, attract new customers.


In terms of the financial characteristics of the Keolis candidate's offer, a guaranteed level of revenue, set according to the expected attendance and the price level, will amount to 50 M€ duty free. A fixed contribution will be paid by Nîmes Métropole to the delegatee of 48.2 M€ every year. 

Among the 41 deliberations on the agenda, the election of a new vice-president attracts attention since President Franck Proust withdrew the delegation of function to Pierre Lucchini, resigning mayor of Moulézan, accused of having produced 700 positive opinions during a public inquiry accompanying the installation project of five wind turbines in the Lens woods at the end of 2023.

Among the issues discussed Monday evening, community advisors will also discuss the western bypass of Nîmes with a favorable opinion for a variant of the route in the Saint-Césaire sector.

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