Leather school, metropolitan RER, seven commercial zones to transform… the essential news in the region

Leather school, metropolitan RER, seven commercial zones to transform... the essential news in the region

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Transformation of commercial zones: 7 sites selected

#OCCITANIE – Olivia Grégoire, Minister Delegate for Business, Tourism and Consumption, and Guillaume Kasbarian, Minister Delegate for Housing, announced Thursday March 28 the first winners of the Commercial Zone Transformation Plan. Of the 74 projects selected, 7 are in Occitanie: Pech-Marie, in Carcassonne; Saint-Germain-Saint-Victor, in Narbonne; Euro 2000-South Gate in Nîmes; Cœur Valsière in Grabels near Montpellier; Ode to the Sea-Le Fenouillet and Solis-Soriech in the communes of Lattes and Pérols, near Montpellier; South entrance districts-Le Montat-Labastide-Marnhac, in Cahors, and Le Muretain Agglo, in Portet-sur-Garonne, in Haute-Garonne.

RER Métropolitain: Montpellier candidate

#HERAULT – The first urban and regional mobility meetings were to be held this Friday, March 29 in Montpellier, both to take stock of the situation – and we know the thorny subject in a city that is often thrombosed – but also to present the Express Service project in detail. Metropolitan Regional. This is part of President Macron's desire to boost a metropolitan RER network in ten French metropolises. If the meeting on Friday March 29 had to be postponed at the last moment due to unfortunate personal circumstances of the mayor of Montpellier, the file is nonetheless moving forward. It will be submitted this month and refined before the end of May. To stand out among the thirty applications which should be submitted – including that of Toulouse -, Michaël Delafosse and Carole Delga intend to present a project which takes into account all mobility and finds the support of the entire territory.

Today's figure: 15,000

#OCCITANIE – In its report, the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies highlights that salaried employment in Occitania increased by 0.7% over one year, or a gain of 15,000 jobs. Most of these creations come from industry, particularly aeronautical and space construction. Haute-Garonne and Hautes-Pyrénées are thus pulling the Occitanie region upwards with an increase in activity of 2.5% over one year.

A school of artisans

#AVEYRON – To compensate for the lack of labor, the Aveyron leather goods sector will develop its own training, starting in September 2024. This School of Craftsmen will make it possible to train between 24 and 36 people per year to meet the needs of the numerous companies in the department. Targeted profiles ? Des "motivated people who want to work at the exit. This is not creative leisure training. Adults who do not necessarily have the budget to finance training, people undergoing professional retraining or job seekers. The Region will cover the cost of teaching (64,000 euros) as part of Innov’emploi experimentation.

Photovoltaics: the project stopped

#HERAULT – The decision of the Montpellier administrative court fell this Wednesday, March 26. The photovoltaic power plant project on the Arnet plateau, in Lézignan-la-Cèbe, has been stopped. Justice invalidates the order of the prefectural prefect of May 9, 2023 granting the company NEOEN an exemption from the prohibitions relating to the protected species sheltered by the site. The mayor, Rémi Bouyala, in favor of the project, remains optimistic: "It’s the prefectural decree that is canceled, not the project. NEOEN should appeal. There's going to be a sequel, that's for sure!"

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