Like Aguessac, Saint-Georges qualifies for the semi-finals of the Aveyron Cup

Like Aguessac, Saint-Georges qualifies for the semi-finals of the Aveyron Cup

Saint-Georges (D1) a su faire respecter son rang face à Villecomtal-Mouret-Entraygues, le Petit Poucet de la compétition (D3). DR

The Sud-Aveyronnais join Aguessac, Espalion and Naucelle in the semi-finals. Draw on March 5. 

It was on the Mouret pitch that the quarter-final of the Aveyron Cup was played. Under heavy rain, the quality of the pitch which quickly deteriorated did not allow the players to produce a good game.

We therefore had to be present in the duels and concentrated so as not to concede a goal. Mouret's team (D3), overmotivated and supported by their audience, created two great chances during the first period. The Saint-Georgiens (D1) will also have two or three hot chances before unlocking the counter in the 40th with a header from Yoann Jean from a corner. Players come home warm with this advantage.

In the second half, the terrain is even more difficult but the Saint-Georgiens have better control of the match and are little worried. Changes bring freshness. On a final acceleration, Yacine Zouhir is mowed down in the penalty area and obtains a penalty converted by Yoann Jean who scores a double and sends FC Saint-Georges to the semi-final. < /p>

« The objective has been achieved so congratulations to this group which deserves to play a semi-final, welcomes coach Lamine Diedhiou who sees the objective announced at the start of the season getting closer. We will have a month to think about it, we still have important matches to play in the championship.» For its part, team 2 lost its quarter-final of the Braley Reserve Cup after extra time 2-2 (3-1 tab) on the Montbazens pitch.

Print on March 5

Saint-Georges joined yesterday in the last square; Saturday's qualifiers: Aguessac, Espalion and Naucelle, all D1 residents. The draw for the semi-finals will take place on March 5 & Paul-Lignon à Rodez and the games will take place on March 30 and 31.  

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