“L’île à glace”, the beachside boutique managed by Yannick Filippetto

“L’île à glace”, the beachside boutique managed by Yannick Filippetto

Yannick Filippetto has slightly changed the interior of the store.

The former manager gave the keys to the store to a former straw hut employee.

This year, lovers of frozen pleasures who will pass by Frontignan Plage on the east bank will not find Barbara Minier behind the counter of "L'île à glace". After 16 years at the head of this small institution located in the Bergerie district, the ice house passed the torch to Yannick Filippetto.

The same ice cream maker

After having chained for eight seasons to the famous hut on Aresquiers beach, "Le Spot", as room manager, the young man therefore left this other institution which allowed him to acquire valuable know-how and embark with enthusiasm on a new adventure. "I'm really happy to be here, all the local traders welcomed me extremely well and I thank them, the atmosphere is excellent, I hope we will have a good season", he said.

During the interview, customers are served one or more balls in a cone or pot. Others opt for granitas. A little girl had her Italian ice cream. A very decent day (open from 1:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. before summer hours, from 12 p.m. to midnight) for pre-season, but it must be said that the weather is nice and hot. The weather plays a leading role in the sale of ice cream.

Yannick works with the same ice cream maker from Aigues-Mortes and did not wish to change the name from the store. "I met Barbara ten years ago. Ice Island was her baby, she doesn't leave him to a stranger, and I think she's happy about that, think < /i>Yannick who added a fancy touch to the store in the decoration and a gourmet touch in the ice cream topping.

His new product is called the " Unicorn" (cotton candy, vanilla). Some customers come from far away for its liquorice. A hesitant local, having caught the anecdote, orders a ball flavored with the unique juice of this Mediterranean plant: instantly he seems elsewhere, and is enjoying himself.

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