“Love, sex and class struggle”: the Vulves Assassines in concert at Dancing de Sète

“Love, sex and class struggle”: the Vulves Assassines in concert at Dancing de Sète

Les Vulves Assassines will be in concert this Saturday at 8 p.m. at Dancing de Sète. Midi Libre – DR.

With their angry punk rap mixed with joyfully leftist references, the Vulves Assassinent make you want to dance the revolution.

In the opinion of the first concerned, the latest album of Vulves Assassines was designed "to be broadcast massively on the sound systems of trucks during demonstrations". No wonder we come across themes that are dear to them such as love, sex or class struggle throughout the 12 titles that make up the aptly named Das Kapital. Les Vulves Assassines are therefore in concert this Saturday evening, at 8 p.m. at the very chic Dancing de Sète, which is concocting a 2024 program that is definitely not bitten by cockchafers .

Space punk-rap

Behind the group of Parisiennes are DJ Connant, MC Vieillard on the sampler and Sammy, on guitar, more angry than ever. A shock trio that distills what they call "punk rap from space". The artists sing, scream and rap in a perfectly controlled and enjoyable chaos, which sometimes recalls the heydays of Ludwig Von 88 or those of Mano Negra. All in French – they care about it – through titles of formidable effectiveness and whose sometimes explicit content obliges us here to silence the name. In the first part, they will be preceded by the rappers from Royal Canine, for a 100% feminine evening.

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