Lunel: mid-term, speed, roads and incivility at the heart of neighborhood meetings

Lunel: mid-term, speed, roads and incivility at the heart of neighborhood meetings

Une réunion de quartier un peu moins dense que les deux premières. Midi Libre – JPS

La municipalité s’est déplacée ce mercredi dans le quartier sud-est entre le boulevard Saint-Fructueux, la route de la Mer, la Roquette et le canal de Lunel.

After three trips to the neighborhoods out of the six planned by the end of June, the municipal system is now well established and, halfway through, some themes clearly emerge from the meetings and debates between the municipality and the residents. Quite predictable concerns: the speed of motorists, the state of the roads and incivility are on the podium of arrests.
« The purpose of this series of visits to the neighborhoods is to try to be reactive to the extent that the problems do not exist. rsquo;do not have too much impact on the budget », repeated Mayor Pierre Soujol, this Wednesday, May 29, to the residents of the southeastern sector of the city, whom he visited accompanied by a large number of elected officials (around a dozen), the deputy director of services and directors of technical services and the police. Preceded by the traditional stroll on foot for two hours, the public meeting was held, this time, at the end of the day, in a classroom of the Arc-en-ciel school, in the district of Roquette.

Lead networks, flooding, Rocket…

A meeting less crowded than the previous ones but no less full of questions and peppered with a few congratulations for this local initiative.
In the end, for almost two hours, the discussion highlighted some new issues. For example, the subject of replacing public drinking water networks still containing lead. On this point, the director of technical services Vincent Taurelle assured that « each road resumption entails the replacement of old lead connections ». One of the next projects, « before summer or at the start of the school year », will concern rue Ernest-Chausson.

A new basin for rainwater

Residents also questioned elected officials a lot about the risk of flooding, particularly on Boulevard Diderot and Avenue d’Aigues-Mortes. But in this sector known to be the “low point of the city”, Pierre Soujol agreed on the limits of municipal action. However, he highlighted the recent construction of a basin capable of receiving 7,000 m3 of water and which was planned in the city's hydraulic plan. He also assured that the cleaning of the rainwater network was regular. The dangerous nature of certain intersections on Boulevard Saint-Fructueux also fueled the discussion. on this occasion, Pierre Soujol revealed that the redevelopment of this important route has long been linked to the completion of the RN 113 diversion project.

Signage on the ground in Saint-Fructueux ?

« A project that may not happen right away », admitted the chosen one. So, in the meantime, Pierre Soujol proposed to see if it is possible to secure the most dangerous places with ground signage». He also called for the intensification of checks by the municipal police. Furthermore, the mayor confirmed his meeting at the Ministry of Transport, with the deputy Patrick Vignal, on the question of the RN 113, this Tuesday, June 4.
Finally, there were also numerous questions more specific to the La Roquette district. They found answers thanks to the presence of Julien Bascoul, heritage manager of the social landlord ACM.

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