Lunel: “We must move from a society of rights to one of duties”

Lunel: “We must move from a society of rights to one of duties”

Lunel: “We must move from a society of rights to one of duties”

Anthony Belin assume une campagne « très à droite. » – JPS

Anthony Belin est candidat aux législatives sur la 9e circonscription.Entretien.

What reasons led you to stand as a candidate, you who until now were a collaborator of elected officials, therefore, in the shadows?

The reason is first of all my last visit to Lunel, three years serving this city and its inhabitants. I have noticed that, since my departure last year, many Lunel residents have asked me what I intend to do concretely in my political commitment. I could have waited for this election to pass but sometimes you have to know how to make decisions and bring a political vision for the territory and show the inhabitants that another path is possible. That’s what I decided to do.

Does your candidacy not contribute to increasing the confusion on the right where three to four candidates claim to be from this camp ?

Of the 4, there are three who claim to be from the extreme right, namely the Rassemblement national canal historique, the union of rights and the union of rights without saying it too much. I represent the Republican right and I consider myself to be the only candidate in this sense and I have the support of David Lisnard, LR mayor of Cannes and president of New Energy and the Association of Mayors of France.

You are running a very right-wing campaign so what is the Republican right for you, the one that can form an alliance with the central bloc ?

No not at all, I am not for an alliance with the Macronist camp. I come from the Sarkozy right which wanted to pass the kärcher® in the cities and the Fillonist right who wanted to put the accounts in order. I mean to speak to all voters, not just those on the Republican right. Yes, I am campaigning on the right because I have always been a man of the right and I consider that by affirming that the right does not look down, I do not want to be in denial or in denial. excuse. We must tell our voters the reality: we must move from a society of rights to one of duties. I assume.

What are the stakes of this election on a national and personal level ?

It’s so that the French can clearly express their rejection of Emmanuel Macron’s policies. We have a state on the edge of the precipice. We will have to straighten out the accounts and apply the laws that exist. I am committed to three areas: restoring purchasing power to the French without crazy measures, fighting against insecurity and having a response to massive immigration. On a personal level, it is an opportunity to leave behind the costume of collaborator to carry a political vision.

If you are not present in the second round and you have to choose between RN, LFI and Renaissance, what will you do ?

I hope I can make it to the second round. Between the two extremes I would have the impression of having a choice which is not good for the country but I do not want macronism either. Very clearly, I think that I am ;rsquo;will abstain.

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