This Sunday, RC Rougier qualifies for the semi-final of the Occitanie challenge

This Sunday, RC Rougier qualifies for the semi-final of the Occitanie challenge

Les Camarésiens ont douté jusqu’à la dernière minute de jeu. Midi Libre – M.DURAND

Les camarésiens ont battu d’un point les Bigourdans de Séméac (21-20) après avoir largement mené au score.

And five, RC Rougier will play a fifth semi-final in a row. Under oppressive heat this Sunday, April 14, both teams struggled to enter the match. A penalty from G Cambon allowed the southern Aveyronnais to open the scoring. A little against the flow of play, the Séméacais responded with a penalty from their opener A Dasté validating one of their rare highlights near the opposing line.

Very penalized and practicing direct play, the Camarésiens scored a try after an opposing mistake by R Bousquel allowing his team to lead 8 to 3 at the break. The Camaresians got off to a very good start to the second half. Facing a team on the decline, they scored a try by J Espitalier. Transformed by T Reynès replacing G Cambon into a delicacy in terms of efficiency, this try allowed them to lead 18 to 3 then 21 to 3 thanks to a new penalty from T Reynès.

The Valor of Eye-catching Séméacais

We thought the match was over but that was without counting on the valor of the Séméacais. The latter scored a first try following a careless mistake by the Camaresian defense (21 to 8). The Camaresians began to foil against a particularly efficient opposing team who played every move to the fullest.

At the 72nd minute the latter  worsened the score with a try from G Souquet transformed by A Dasté (21 to 15) The Rougier players tried to produce some play but they were now under threat of losing the game. Fatigue and lack of lucidity did the rest. In the last minute of play, they conceded a try by the untenable Séméacais fullback Abtadi. Their scorer missed the conversion, allowing the Camaresians to win 21 to 20.


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