MHSC – Nantes: “We took a point, we move forward”, Michel Der Zakarian is satisfied with the draw, not the second half

MHSC – Nantes: “We took a point, we move forward”, Michel Der Zakarian is satisfied with the draw, not the second half

Michel Der Zakarian est content du point rapporté. Midi Libre – JEAN MICHEL MART

Les deux coaches ont trouvé le nul logique entre Montpellier et Nantes (1-1), vendredi 27 avril lors de la 31e journée de Ligue 1.


Michel Der Zakarian (Montpellier coach) : "We're moving forward even if we don't have had a good second half, the content was not enough to cause them problems after the break. They are the ones who gave us problems, the main thing is that we held on. We took a point, we move forward.

There is fatigue, psychological too, it lets up a little. Afterwards when you dive physically, it’s difficult in the game. I try to rotate a little. We had a good first half, after Téji only shot twice on goal, we didn't have any chances. In first grade, we have situations that end badly. They had two or three shots on target, Benji (Lecomte) made the necessary saves. It's not a great match on both sides, between two teams who are suffering but we have more points than them.

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Coulibaly felt pain in his thigh during the warm-up. After I made the changes I wanted to make, it was the whole team that was not good. Technically, we had difficulty chaining passes together, playing between the lines, there was too much waste, there was only Téji (Savanier) who was capable of eliminating, of ;bringing excess numbers, then he gave up.

Mousa (Tamari) put a good ball to Akor (Adams) who finished well with the flat foot. I'm happy for him because it gives him confidence. He is our top scorer with Téji with 8 goals. He was disappointed to be out like all the players.

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The first expulsion is severe but that's just my opinion, on the second Arnaud Nordin is unhappy because he doesn't see it coming, I hope they won't be too harsh with him. Mincarelli must defend better, we discussed it, he has a head start. He had passed in front of him, with one touch, he can give it to the goalkeeper.

I didn't put Kouyaté because like Omeragic and Sagnan, they are under threat of suspension. The first two not having taken any cardboard, that allows them to jump.

Omeragic was average in the middle today because the team was average, it’s more complicated to defend. On his first ball (the Nantes goal) he doesn't look at what he's doing and is intercepted but Téji must do better too. He can play forward, not make a lob, and play with Arnaud for a two-on-one. Then I follow Tchato, I make a mistake, I trip him, he doesn't pass. You have to be smart, it wouldn’t have worked. That’s what young people are, they need to learn, from intelligent mistakes. Maybe Mincarelli, if he lets go, he goes for the goal, we don't know…hellip; "

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Antoine Koumbouaré (Nantes coach): "It’s a good point, but with the At the end of the first and second half, there was room for better, to take three points. We were very scared with this catastrophic start. There is a lot of frustration at the end but also satisfaction because there was room to win.

Their strength is counterattacks and set pieces. We were still in the locker room for this start, it woke us up. We mobilized. We are accustomed to giving in at the end of a match, conceding goals, we were solid there.

We had our ass between two chairs because you want to hurt, but they are formidable on the counter. We had to find this balance, attack without revealing ourselves. We are still feverish, we are in a holding situation. This is a good point that moves us forward. We gained confidence before the trip to Brest."

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