Montpellier dismisses Celje and sees the knockout stages of the Champions League

Montpellier dismisses Celje and sees the knockout stages of the Champions League

Fernandez, un des Montpelliérains en vue mercredi face à Celje. SYLVIE CAMBON

MHB largely won on Wednesday evening against the Slovenians from Celje. Qualification is on very good track.

Montpellier took a big step towards the round of 16 of the Champions League by winning on Wednesday at the FDI Stadium against the Slovenians from Celje (32-21). Unless there is an unlikely disaster during the next three matches in the group stage, the MHB will continue the European adventure next spring. This was one of the club's objectives at the start of the season.

Skube is back

Stas Skube, back after long months of treating his knee, was the great architect of this victory. Facing his compatriots, the Slovenian playmaker multiplied the caviars and placed his teammates in the best conditions to shine.

Valentin Porte, freshness rediscovered, Fernandez, always as valuable in attack as in defense, or even Rémi Desbonnet, impeccable in goal, provided after-sales service. Special mention also to Panic who had not scored so many goals since almost his arrival at MHB.

The reaction of Patrice Canayer, the MHB coach

"We are very satisfied with this victory even if Celje was handicapped by numerous absences. A success of more than ten goals in the Champions League is not common. We played a complete match. The public had fun this evening. That was the goal, we will be in the round of 16. It's good for the players, it validates their work. It repositions the Montpellier club at European level. But this is not an end goal. We're going to play our luck to the fullest"

The reaction of Valentin Porte, captain of the MHB

"I am very proud of my team. We had targeted this match to validate our qualification. The intensity was there. I saw a very concerned team throughout the meeting."

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