New prices, evolution of the transport network: an update on the announcements from the Agglo Nîmes Métropole

New prices, evolution of the transport network: an update on the announcements from the Agglo Nîmes Métropole

With the change of delegatee, the Agglo announces a new price list and developments on the Tango network. Archive MIKAËL ANISSET – Midi Libre

From September 2024, price increases will be applied to the Tango transport network with changes to the service provided. This will be applied by the new delegatee Keolis, whose choice is the subject of a deliberation at the community council this Monday, March 25 evening.

This Monday March 25, at the start of the evening, the community council of Nîmes Métropole validated 97% (8 abstentions and 2 no) the choice of the new public service delegate for transport. nbsp;: Keolis. A contract which will take effect from July 1st and until the end of 2030. The charge for the new delegatee amounts to 48.269 M€ per year, a little less than 10% more than the Agglomeration’s estimate.

The latter announces expected revenues of 7.7 M€ and a cost for the community of 40.5 M€ excluding tax on average (i.e. 774,000 euros less than the offer from RATP Dev, the other candidate). Beyond these figures and behind the scenes of this long-considered choice, the procedure began at the end of 2022, the biggest announcement from the Agglo remains that of a change in prices (the ticketing corresponds to ;at 10-15% of revenue).

Lower solidarity rates

The price of the unit ticket will thus increase in September 2024 from 1.30 € at 1.40 € (as much as in Avignon or Toulon, less than in Alès, but more than in Perpignan), "which had not happened since eight years while we see a surge in inflation of 25% in this period of time", we indicate at the Colisée, headquarters of Nîmes Métropole. The general public subscription does not escape the price increase: 33.30 euros; at 38 € per month (possible employer contribution of 50 to 75%).

The other figure that makes the ranks of the left opposition cringe, particularly, is that of school subscriptions. For two trips per day during the school term over ten months, the price increases from 45 euros; at 70 € per year and for unlimited over twelve months from 70 to 90 euros; for a year. The Agglo recalls that these school prices had recorded a sharp drop of 131 € since 2019.

On the other hand, no price increase is planned for students and solidarity prices have seen a drop (80 euros per year now, less 10 euros per year now, less 10 euros per year now, less 10 euros per year now, less 10 euros per year now, less 10 euros per year now, less 10 euros per year). euro;). Seniors aged over 70 will benefit from free "to support loss of mobility".

Line T5 to Clarensac

The evolution of the Tango network also concerns the passenger transport offer with an application from September 2024. Line 6 will be extended to the new sports hall. In September 2025, Keolis will set up the T5 line between Clarensac and the central station of Nîmes with shuttles to serve the other municipalities of Vaunage.

There is talk of an extension of the T4 to Caissargues Sud, of an on-demand service for services to the activity zones and the CHU towards the station, to merge, in the garrigues sector, lines 72 and 73 with minibuses.

The delegate will have to improve the vehicle occupancy rate, punctuality (thanks to the traffic light priority system), Handigo (extension of service hours on Sundays) and will set up a call center by 2026 and the possibility of paying by credit card in vehicles. Furthermore, during the community council on Tuesday, May 21, a deliberation will focus on free public transport for people with disabilities, announced President Franck Proust. With all these announcements, a new era is taking shape starting this summer.

Which gave rise to questions in the ranks of the Left opposition, this Monday evening, from the elected Sylvette Fayet, particularly on the quality of the service provided to users, on the time range, on prices also: "For free access for over 70s, we welcome it. Perhaps the next step will be free tuition for schoolchildren or students… one year before the elections."

Thierry Jacob (National Rally) recalled for his part that a quality service provided is also that of security while finding these announcements acceptable.&nbsp ;
During the debates, free transport was addressed by Franck Proust: "There is no such thing as free transport! This is participatory demagoguery. It does not work. Some municipalities are backtracking and the mayor of Montpellier will reconsider this choice." The president of Nimes Métropole will therefore not go any further on free access.

The energy transition continued

Efforts will be continued with this new public service delegation in the field of energy transition. In fact, Keolis will finance 8.2 M€ over the duration of the DSP the renovation of buildings. This will be the case for the Pont des Iles depots to accommodate electric vehicles and La Rouvière.

Photovoltaic shade structures at the Pont des Iles and avenue Bompard will make it possible to produce electricity consumption and resell it. Furthermore, Nîmes Métropole is committed to investing 33.6 M€ until the end of 2030 in new rolling stock: electric for buses and biofuel for coaches.

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