Nîmes Olympique: Crocos, and more if you like…

Nîmes Olympique: Crocos, and more if you like…

Ronny Labonne and Dagui Paviot, re-athletics with physical trainer Alexandre Duclaux… and with a smile! FREE NOON – E. DZ.

Nîmes Olympique: Crocos, and more if you like…

Seeing goalkeeper Lucas Dias again near a cage and on a green rectangle after his injury to the Crusaders: it’s nice! FREE NOON – E. DZ.

Four days before the end of the National and before Nîmes – Red Star (Monday April 29 at 9 p.m. at Les Antonins), coach Adil Hermach is looking for complicity and complementarities.

A good hour and a half of training, in the wind and with smiles, this Tuesday morning at the Bastide. On lawns that have once again become beautiful football fields, Nîmes Olympique continues its quest to maintain, and Adil Hermach continues his quest for the ideal team.

Trainer Adil Hermach: "Finding complicity between the guys"

The goal of today's session ? "Look for and find complicity between guys, answers tit for tat the new coach, at the bedside of the pros for sixteen days.Find binomials, trinomials. The instructions were to play short, to be able to find each other better."

This is perhaps here, among others, where the shoe hurt this season: if individually, there is undeniably quality in this group (the Nîmes midfielder Doukansy-Picouleau-Mexico being, for example, considered by observers as one of the best midfield players in the National) ; collectively, the mayonnaise has difficulty setting.

Of course, the workforce was renewed at 90% last summer, it obviously took time to find the right fuel and complementarities between recruits. But with less than a month to go before the end of the season (Saturday May 18 in Martigues for NO), it is clear that the Nîmes project has not progressed quickly enough.

The memory of the Alioui-Bozok, Harek-Briançon or Meling-Philippoteaux duos

If, according to the established expression, the group is living well, it has often been more complicated on the green rectangle in the championship. Hermach also spoke of the need to put binder during his induction two weeks ago. We think, all things considered, of duos as diverse and varied as Alioui-Bozok, Meling-Philippoteaux, Harek-Briançon, or Savanier with Azouni, Valdivia then Ferri. Everyone has had their eyes closed in recent years. Today, one question among many: who is Mbina's best counterpart in attack ? Not an obvious answer…

In the meantime, the Crocos still won in Orléans last Friday (1-0). What that changes ? "It changes that it's one less victory to seek for maintenance, breathes the coach. And that helps confirm our intentions. And it shows that we can do it, even if it will be very hard." Or a little easier… provided you find the right affinities.

Behind the scenes of the Bastide

Mendy ?Formose Mendy has recovered from his suspension, his injury, and his emotions: the captain of NO has just been a dad for the third time, after all. rsquo;a little Loé (first name of Polynesian origin, which means “little king” or “lion”). He happily resumed collective training.

Defense & 4 or &agrav; 5 ? With the return of Mendy and the confidence he has in Lamgahez, what will Adil Hermach do ? This Tuesday, during the end-of-session oppositions, he alternated between between defenses & 4 and &agrav; 5… In any case, defenders Paviot, Labonne and Burner will not be operational for Monday and the reception of Red Star. Sané is it finished.

El Hamri ? Why the reserve's top scorer, Selmane El Hamri (13 goals in R1 ), has not been integrated first ? Because in fact, it’s not possible administratively, because ité reclassified as an amateur after having had a federal contract Beaucaire last season…

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