Orléans – Nîmes Olympique: news on the date of the decision in the Lamgahez case

Orléans – Nîmes Olympique: news on the date of the decision in the Lamgahez case

Lamgahez (right) fighting with Orléanais Akassou during the Crocos' victory in Loiret. Will it be validated ? MAXPPP – Christelle Gaujard

Everyone is waiting for the verdict from the Federal Settlement and Disputes Commission concerning the Orléans – Nîmes and the participation of Zakary Lamgahez. According to our information and a source at the FFF, the decision should be made next week.

The Federal Regulations and Litigation Commission of the FFF (French Football Federation) met on Tuesday morning, April 30. On its agenda, Orléans' reservation regarding the qualification of Lamgahez during the victory of Nîmes, on April 19 (1-0). The clubs were not convened.

Since Tuesday, Nîmes Olympique has been waiting for news…

NO sent a file and cited the regulations, which provide that a professional club can field an amateur player in the National even if he has already been a professional trainee. Which is the case with the crocodile defender. Since then, there has been no return from the Federation. The Gard leaders tried to contact the FFF, without success.

According to our information, "the decision should be rendered next week", told Midi Libre a source at the Federation, in Paris. In the meantime, the croc formation, even if it seems sure of its rights, will not line up the central defender in Chasselay, for the crucial match for the maintenance against Goal, Friday 3rd & nbsp;May (kick-off 7:30 p.m.). A victory in the North-West of Lyon, and Nîmes Olympique would almost be saved.

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