Oyster thefts on the Etang de Thau: doubled controls and four facts identified

Oyster thefts on the Etang de Thau: doubled controls and four facts identified

Les patrouilles ont été multipliées sur l'étang de Thau. Midi Libre – Arch. V.A.

The Hérault Prefecture has communicated the results of its actions against the theft of oysters from the Etang de Thau in 2023.

In 2023, more than 500 people were checked (compared to 230 in 2022) on the Etang de Thau as part of the fight against oyster theft, particularly during the crucial holiday period. Over the period, the volume of flights recorded remains at a low level (4 in 2023 compared to 5 in 2022). This is the 2023 assessment, which has just been communicated, of the actions of the State services to "protect the shellfish farming heritage of the pond of Thau and fight against oyster thefts during the end-of-year holidays."

Prevention and repression

Thus from November 8 to December 31, 2023, period of ban on night navigation on the pond, 77 surveillance operations whether on land or on the # 39;water were conducted. Among these, 10 inter-administration operations were organized involving the Hérault departmental gendarmerie (Pézenas company, Marseillan coastal nautical brigade, helicopter from the Hérault gendarmerie aerial section, drones, ), the maritime gendarmerie brigade of Sète, the maritime affairs coastal unit of Hérault, as well as the helicopter of the customs aerial surveillance brigade, based in Hyères (83 ). "State action, based on two pillars, prevention and repression, aims in particular to deter migration 39;act", explains the press release. "The State services welcome this assessment and are continuing their control and monitoring in 2024, in conjunction with the Mediterranean regional shellfish farming committee".

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