Proligue Final Four: the hearts of the Frontignan people brought to their senses

Proligue Final Four: the hearts of the Frontignan people brought to their senses

Gaillard et les siens n’ont pas trouvé la faille en attaque. MIDI LIBRE – Jérôme Belluire

Les hommes d’Asier Antonio, ce samedi 1er juin en demi-finale du championnat, ont subi la loi d’une équipe de Tremblay bâtie pour l’étage supérieur (37-29).

They had, however, got off to a good start, with two goals from Camara and Leon (0-2), and the great delegation of supporters believed in it wholeheartedly. But the Frontignanais finally hit a wall this Saturday in Sélestat. Opposite, Tremblay actually honored its status as a "super team" of Proligue. And Little Thumb, despite all his qualities of heart, gradually had to lay down his arms.

Leon sent off after twenty minutes of play

In the first period, FTHB took time to give up the advantage. Chérif Hamani's men came back to 5-5 but the Muscatière defense was still present and allowed Camara to finish on the counter-attack (6-7). It was unfortunately the moment chosen by Cyril Dumoulin to come out of the woods. The Ile-de-France goalkeeper made two consecutive saves on Camara, then another on Gaillard, and Tremblay opened up a first gap at 9-7.

A hip shot from Tesio put his team back in the direction of travel (10-9). Especially since, on the following action, Tremblay's playing master, Fadhuile, had to leave his team, his ankle loose. Alas, the Frontignan THB was also entitled to its twist of fate with Adria Leon who received a red card and joined the stands…

Built to win the title of champion of France and nothing else, the team which destroyed everything in the championship was not ready to suffer its second defeat of the season. Garaudet, who came to take over from Fadhuile, ensured that the message was clearly heard (14-11).

Mission Impossible

After the break, like a symbol, Gaillard touched wood in attack. Not Modest (18-15). And if Dumoulin had known how to put his team on the right track, Pierre was not clumsy in his goals either. His saves allowed his team to go to 22-17 after a goal from Colman.

We were beginning to understand that the mission was ultimately impossible. In perfect control, the Ile-de-France residents systematically found a way to find the isolated player in attack, no favors for the two Frontignan goalkeepers (25-18, 34-24).

In the end, the score is harsh considering the course taken this season by Frontignan, the second best attack in the championship. But Tremblay is a winning machine. A beautiful story ends but the Hérault club can be proud. The hundred supporters who came to support Asier Antonio's gang won the match in the stands and the FTHB, for its part, has without a doubt finally earned the respect of French handball.

The technical sheet

► Tremblay…………….37
► Frontignan………….29

Sélestat Intercommunal Sports Center.
Half-time: 17-15.
Referees: Messrs. Belabbes and Rahim
Spectators: Approximately 2,000.

TREMBLAY: Dumoulin (7 saves on 20 shots), Pierre (4 saves on 17 shots). Fadhuile (1/2 including 1/1 pen), Leger (6/7), Claire (3/4), Pirani (2/3), Garaudet (3/3), Colman (7/10), Poignant (1/3), Pavletic (8/8), Modeste (4/5), Dupoux (2/3).
Two minutes at: Colman (5th), Pavletic (10th), Claire (24th), Modeste (37th).

FRONTIGNAN: Mesnard (7 saves on 32 shots), Diot (2 saves on 13 shots). Camara (7/8 including 3/3 pen), Isnard (2/3), Leon (3/5), Magro (1/1), Laurens (3/6), Tesio (6/8), Alexandre (6/6), Gaillard (3/7).
Two minutes at: Leon (7th), Laurens (48th)
Red card: Leon (20th).

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