Reims-MHSC: “A big step” towards maintaining according to Der Zakarian, “stop talking about Europe” for Still, the coaches’ reactions

Reims-MHSC: “A big step” towards maintaining according to Der Zakarian, “stop talking about Europe” for Still, the coaches’ reactions

S’il s’est réjoui du résultat, Michel Der Zakarian a regretté des occasions mal négociées. Midi Libre – JEAN MICHEL MART

If the Reims coach regretted wasted situations and repeated errors, his Montpellier counterpart did not want to indulge in euphoria after the success in Champagne, this Sunday, April 21. But he appreciated the contribution of his replacements and this new step towards maintenance.

Michel Der Zakarian, coach of Montpellier

"I’said 38 pts, I'm not going to change compared to the maintenance. We have taken a big step. We had a good match from start to finish, both in the first and second, we responded to what we wanted to do. They pushed in the second half and after the equalizer, it was indecisive. We should have scored through Arnaud (Nordin) before, but he made the wrong choice. We also had 2-0 chances in the first half but we ended our chances poorly.

It's been three matches that the substitutes have allowed us to pick up points. This is what we expect from the players, from the team, when we get back the squad, it helps.

Becir Omeragic in the middle had a very good match, he lived up to what was expected of him. Modibo Sagan had to deal with Diakité, a powerful, strong template who goes fast. He defended well from start to finish. It’s a shame that he picked up a yellow card, he will be suspended against Toulouse (Friday May 3). With Becir in the middle, it made it possible to also play "Kiki" Kouyaté. I wanted to see Hefti and Sylla again, even if the two youngsters had good matches."

Will Still, coach of Reims

"The conclusion is that we weren’not good enough with and without the ball. On their transitions, which is their strong point, we were not able to defend well. We got into the area I don't know how many times, creating half-chances, but we should have shown quality and personality. I brought in Teuma and Stambouli, they brought quality, especially on set pieces.

I have the impression of reliving the same end of the season as the previous one, I played few players because there were no players ;there are no solutions, there is a lack of quality and freshness. I am going to question myself because there is a message that should not be conveyed or that is not clear. Making the same mistakes week after week, month after month, year after year is too much. There are four matches left, we have to take as many points as possible and stop talking about Europe."

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