In the Coupe de France, the MHSC players will have to be at 200% to achieve an exploit in Lyon

In the Coupe de France, the MHSC players will have to be at 200% to achieve an exploit in Lyon

Montpellier will have to be solid on set pieces. Midi Libre – JEAN MICHEL MART

The draw did not spoil them. The Montpellier women travel to Lyon, undefeated leader of the French women's championship, this Sunday (3 p.m.) to try to advance to the round of 16 of the Coupe de France. Other meetings between D1 teams, Fleury – Guingamp and Paris FC – Bordeaux. 

Montpellier will have nothing to lose in its trip to Lyon this Sunday afternoon. It is an expression while this clash with the leader of the French championship can mean qualification or direct elimination from the Coupe de France. But it is also a sporting reality which can allow Montpellier women to leave the pressure in the locker room. Both the Lyonnaises dominate French women's football. Undefeated this season in Arkema (12/12). And even when we feel they are struggling a little, as was the case on Wednesday against Paris FC, deprived of Renard, they come through (1-0). With a host of attackers ready to substitute.

"You have to put yourself out of bounds"

Thursday, at a press conference, Yannick Chandioux, the MHSC coach, praised Lyon's qualities. "We are playing a Lyon who since the start of the season have been rather very very strong. It's a team that has found quality in all areas, they have exceptional replacements and as a result, they manage to accentuate things each time. Their state of mind is perfect. We're going to have to be in an exceptional situation with an above-normal state of form to hope for anything… We have to put ourselves out of bounds on an athletic level and make up for the teammate's small mistake as soon as&# 39;there is a deleted player. You'll have to be there."

Defend well

If the MHSC was clearly expected to face Guingamp on Wednesday, it will therefore travel as an outsider to Décines where it had taken five in the first leg against Arkema, with numerous defensive errors and three CSCs (against his team). This is a good starting point, to at least know not to repeat the same mistakes. "In the first leg, we conceded too quickly; in the first leg, we didn't defend well enough. So ! You have to stay alive as long as possible in this match, defend well. These are words that we use every time we play Lyon in the end.

The final at the Mosson stadium on May 4

Montpellier will have to be united, defend well without suffering too much on their goal and manage to get the ball out. "If we want to hope for an exploit, each occasion will have to be marked because there won't be many… And then being solid behind, that's the recipe! With an exceptional spirit.
In a match like this, the motivations for an exploit are all found. But in case Montpellier needs it, he will also have in the back of his mind the location of the final of this Coupe de France feminine which will be played at the la Mosson stadium on May 4th like the  #39;confirmed Yannick Chandioux. "That's a great idea. It's still a long way off, the final, but it's up to us to achieve the feat."

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