Saint-Fulcran resurrected, Saipol under control, Vaquerin's sombrero… the main news in the region

Saint-Fulcran resurrected, Saipol under control, Vaquerin's sombrero... the main news in the region

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The situation under control at the Saipol factory

#SETE –The situation was under control this Thursday, April 11 after the fire which affected the Saipol factory on Wednesday, and more particularly the esterification workshop, the production of biodiesel from carbon dioxide. vegetable oil. The unit remained under surveillance overnight from Wednesday to Thursday and firefighters organized rounds on the site on Thursday. An employee of the company is still in intensive care at the Montpellier hospital without his vital prognosis being compromised. Nearly 200 people had to be evacuated on Wednesday, the factory being classified Seveso. The prefecture on Thursday ruled out the risk of air toxicity and soil pollution, the extinguishing water being contained in a retention basin.

Illiteracy and illiteracy: the regional survey

#PREMIERE –The rates of illiteracy and illiteracy – defined as the difficulty in using digital devices and IT tools – with regard to poverty in Occitania have been revealed. This unprecedented inventory results from the results of the first major regional survey on illiteracy and illiteracy, conducted by Carif-Oref Occitanie in partnership with the National Agency for the Fight against Illiteracy. rsquo;illiteracy. Illiteracy affects people who have been to school, but who still encounter profound difficulties with writing, reading and arithmetic. This phenomenon concerns 7% of the population of Occitanie, mainly men over 45 years old. 18 to 25 year olds represent the second most affected age group. This illiteracy consequently affects interaction with digital technology: 20% of people in a situation of illiteracy are in a situation of illiteracy, mainly. over 56 years old without professional activity – half are retirees.

Today’s figure: 19,980

#JOB –In Occitania, 19,980 executive recruitments are expected, an increase of 3%. In 2023, Apec recorded the creation of 19,410 managerial positions in the region, an increase of 12%, stronger than nationally (+7%). For this year, Apec surveyed 708 companies in the region to predict recruitment volumes. « We are counting on 19,980 executive job creations in 2024, another 3% increase, analyzes Cyrille Longupée, the regional director of Apec.

Saint-Fulcran revealed

#LODEVE – After two years of work, the scaffolding surrounding Saint-Fulcran Cathedral is being dismantled. The major renovation and security project for the building, 57 meters high, is about to be completed. The municipality and the State have joined forces to finance the work, the cost of which is estimated at 1.6 million euros. "We talk about it, we observe and now we will have to rediscover a site to which all Lodévois are attached, whatever their faith", underlines Gaëlle Lévêque, the mayor of Lodève . The official inauguration is approaching. It will take place on Saturday April 20 during a big weekend of celebration and entertainment. Visits will also be possible (by reservation).

Vaquerin's sombrero

#BEZIERS – The Montpellier oncologist Henri Pujol has been following the journey of the rugby players of AS Biterroise for years, today hui ASBH. Friday April 12, before the match between Béziers and Valence Romans, he will give the club a Mexican hat given to him by Armand Vaquerin, a major pillar of the great epic of Béziers rugby, in 1983. &quot ;He had spent several weeks in Mexico and he brought it back to me, says Professor Pujol. We're going to say that it's a tip of the hat to Armand Vaquerin, to all the players and to all the managers of the club!"

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