Security problems, endless queues, scenes of chaos… what happened at British airports ?

Security problems, endless queues, scenes of chaos… what happened at British airports ?

Les longues files d'attente à l'aéroport de Heathrow. Capture X @SamuelMorter

Dans la nuit de mardi 7 au mercredi 8 mai 2024, de nombreux aéroports britanniques rencontrent des problèmes, notamment au niveau de la sécurité.

Manchester, Gatwick or even Heathrow… Since last night, English airports have been hit hard by a breakdown which affected the security control system, reports the Huffington Post. The delays are considerable, sometimes creating confusion, even panic, among travelers.

Several hours of waiting

More concretely, the problem comes from the E-gates. These are the security gates which allow passengers to be checked by facial recognition, that is to say without even the presence of a border police agent, explains BFMTV.

"We are aware of an issue with Border Force systems across the country, affecting a significant number of airports& ;quot;, had noted Heathrow on X.

"The problem caused long queues at airports, causing severe disruptions. The Border Force asked us to open all passport control offices and asked its teams to stay to help as many passengers as possible", for its part indicated British Airways.

Other English towns were not spared by this outage. The BBC underlined that the airports of Edinburgh, Birmingham, Bristol and Newcastle were impacted and that long queues were created.

Numerous images of angry travelers were relayed on the networks testifying to the difficult situation on site.

Security agents had no choice but to check passports by hand in order to unclog the halls. Several people on site say that the wait was several hours. Although this is not a hack, it is not the first time that British airports have encountered this type of problem. The Home office (equivalent to Ministry of the Interior in France) apologized "for the inconvenience caused".

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