Soon a new director at the Imperator

Soon a new director at the Imperator

Jérôme Montantème sera remplacé à la tête de l’Imperator. ALISSANDRE ALLEMAND – Alissandre Allemand

After a little over a year at the helm of the legendary Nîmes hotel, Jérôme Montantème is leaving the management of the Imperator.

He succeeded Christophe Chalvidal as director of the Imperator in January 2023 after having been at the helm of the Hôtel Fauchon in Paris. Jérôme Montantème, 52 years old at the time, was full of praise for the unmissable Nîmes team and its fabulous team. He also readily declared at that time that he wanted "to return the Imperator to the Nîmes" and to improve again "the tailor-made service that we can provide to our customers to allow them to live a wonderful experience every time".

Open to the city, it is under his direction that the famous Nut race passed for the first time in 2024 through the hotel to the great joy of the happy participants to discover this setting.

Nevertheless, a little over a year after his arrival, Jérôme Montantème is no longer in charge of the Imperator. For the moment, according to our information, the name of his successor has not yet been revealed.

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