Suspected of planning a terrorist attack, four people, including three minors, arrested

Suspected of planning a terrorist attack, four people, including three minors, arrested

Trois des quatre personnes interpellées sont mineures. MAXPPP – IMAGO/Tim Oelbermann

In Belgium, the federal police arrested four people this Sunday March 3 in the morning as part of an investigation into the planning of a terrorist attack.

Three minors and one adult saw their homes searched in Brussels, Charleroi, Ninove and Liège, early this Sunday March 3. The spokesperson for the federal prosecutor's office,  Eric Van Der Sypt, confirms that these people are "suspected of wanting to commit a terrorist attack in Belgium", indicates RTL Info.

No explosives found

For the moment, the prosecution has not given more information, but reveals that the doubt was "enough concrete action to intervene". "We prefer to be too early than too late. As soon as this type of matter becomes worrying, we intervene", adds the spokesperson for the prosecution, again according to RTL Info.

Law enforcement did not find weapons or explosives, but seized cell phones and computers in order to inspect them. So far, no information has leaked about the target of the attack, but the individuals are believed to be linked to radical extremism.

Minors "influenceable"

"For the moment, they are all being questioned by the federal judicial police in Liège. The investigating judge will decide their fate later", continues Eric Van Der Sypt. "This is not the first case in which we find minors. They are still contactable, easily influenced and often more impulsive too. This increases the risks in this type of case", he concludes.

In Belgium, the terrorist threat level is currently at 3 on a scale of 4. That is to say, a serious level.

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