Tennis: Caroline Vidal is gradually climbing the world rankings

Tennis: Caroline Vidal is gradually climbing the world rankings

Trois tournois internationaux, trois quarts de finale pour la Sétoise.

The Sétoise is today ranked twentieth in the world in singles, deaf and hard of hearing.

She had already shone for her first international exchanges last September. During the deaf and hard of hearing world championships, Caroline Vidal notably won fourth place in the women's doubles. Then, a week later, she reached the third step of the podium during the team event, under the colors of the French team.

Since then, the TC Barrou member has not saved any money. In three months, she played in three international deaf tennis tournaments, in Rouen then in Poland and Slovenia. And three times, she reached the quarter-finals, also playing two consolatory finals in singles, reaching the podium in women's doubles.

A great season which allowed him to reach twentieth place in the world rankings in singles and fifth in doubles. The Sétoise is also selected on the three tables (singles, women's doubles and mixed doubles) for the European Championships which will take place from June 22 to 29 in Villach (Austria).

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