The 60th anniversary of Clamouse, media library destroyed in Nîmes, Franco-German friendship… the essential news in the region

The 60th anniversary of Clamouse, media library destroyed in Nîmes, Franco-German friendship... the essential news in the region

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La grotte de Clamouse fête ses 60 ans

#HERAULT –Discovered in August 1945, the Clamouse cave officially opened to the public in the summer of 1964. Sixty years later, Clamouse receives more than 100,000 people per year. For this anniversary, several meetings are scheduled. The first begins Saturday March 23 and Sunday March 24 with Terres d’images. Three extreme characters will tell a world apart: Philippe Crochet, hydrogeologist photographer; Frank Vasseur, cave diver and autonomy expert, Stéphane Urbinati. Until September, other events will punctuate this anniversary.

Today’s figure: 500,000

#STUDENTS –The Occitanie Region launched on Wednesday the first participatory budget dedicated to students, called “Your solutions for student life”, endowed with 500,000 €. This participatory budget, intended to support projects helping to improve student life, explains the regional council, is open to all student associations (existing or to be created) in the region. Submission of projects until May 15, 2024 on the participatory site

Dealers’ den, the media library will be destroyed

#NÎMES – Despite nearly a million works carried out in 2020, the Marc-Bernard media library located in the Pissevin district in Nîmes, and closed since June due to insecurity, should be destroyed to move to another site. Nine months ago, Mayor Jean-Paul Fournier announced the closure of the site: "Due to the worsening of the situation in recent weeks and the risk of serious harm to the safety of municipal agents." The roof of the media library had, in fact, been transformed into a “lookout” for drug traffickers. They even had grills there… However, the media library reopened its doors in September 2020 after 22 months of work and confinement during the Covid pandemic. A complete rehabilitation worth €860,000, 80% covered by subsidies from the State and Europe. For the moment, the media library assistant indicates that the town hall is considering "demolishing the current building and rebuilding it in a more suitable location in the neighborhood’ ;quot;.

An Olympic flame of hope

#MONTPELLIER – The president of the association “Stars in the sea”, committed to research against brain cancer, is one of the torchbearers who will carry the Olympic flame on May 13 in Montpellier. A source of pride for the Montpellier woman, an executive trainer of operating room nurses at the University Hospital, who founded her association in 2019, after losing her first husband to glioblastoma, a form of brain cancer that is currently incurable. For her, this event is an opportunity to publicize her fight and that of the 800 members of the association, which will celebrate its 5th anniversary on March 17. On May 13, she is counting on her strides to spread the word about glioblastoma.

In Millau, kick-off of the Franco-German Fortnight

#OCCITANIE – Thursday March 21, in Millau, the children's choir from the German school of Toulouse launched the Franco-German Fortnight of Occitanie. event which extends throughout Occitanie with meetings around five themes: citizenship, education, youth, culture and economy. "This fortnight is an example , unique in Europe, of decentralized cooperation between a region and a state supported by civil society", summarized Marie-France Marchand-Baylet, president of the Groupe Dépêche Foundation, l&rsquo one of the main linchpins of the event. For Stephen Steinlein, German Ambassador to France, "this fortnight offers a platform for exchanges, dialogue and joint projects to build bridges between our two countries which requires, like the magnificent Millau Viaduct."

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