The Chez Camillou hotel, in Aumont-Aubrac, opens a new bar, Café Noémie

The Chez Camillou hotel, in Aumont-Aubrac, opens a new bar, Café Noémie

Cédric et David Arnal, à la tête de l'hôtel Chez Camillou, ont repensé l'espace bar. MIDI LIBRE – STEPHANIE BOULOIR

Cocktail bar and tapas will complete the offer offered by the Chez Camillou hotel and the restaurants of Cyril Attrazic (two stars in the Michelin Guide). A family adventure initiated in 1928, in Aumont-Aubrac (Lozère).

Noémie was Camillou’s wife. It was she who opened the first restaurant in Aumont-Aubrac, in place of the current Linette, in 1928. Followed by the hotel, opened by the second generation, Linette and Pierrot, in 1971, then the restaurant in the early 1980s. Their children, one took over the hotel, the other the restaurant. And today, it is the fourth generation who are in charge, Cyril Attrazic on the restaurant side, and his cousins ​​David and Cédric Arnal on the hotel side.

In order to homogenize the atmospheres in all establishments, the architect Hervé Porte has redesigned the hotel bar, in the same way mind as the gourmet restaurant. Only a few steps separate the two establishments. "We wanted to open the bar to local customers, and provide an additional and complementary service", summarizes David Arnal. Café Noémie has just opened. It will reach cruising speed in a few days, notably offering cocktails and tapas. It will also be a warm place to settle down for a while to work during the day, for example, with all the necessary connections.

Noémie, the one who started it all

At the same time, the reception, the breakfast area and the terrace have been redesigned. The hotel has 34 rooms, suites and apartments, and also offers a spa."You have to renew yourself and invest to avoid running out of steam. We must always evolve our working tools", insists David Arnal.

Since 1928, this has not stopped. "It’s Noémie  who kept the house running for thirty years, and it’s her work that means we are all here today’ ;rsquo;hui." Next year, David's son, who is learning the art of cocktails at school, will join Café Noémie. Her great-great-grandmother.

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