The crowd at the Tour Magno open

The crowd at the Tour Magno open

Margaux sur Lucki de Sauvagine, avec sa famille.

For those who have a passion for horses and the Camargue breed in particular, if there is one competition that should not be missed, it is the open organized by the Tour Magno Gardiano. This was confirmed once again on Sunday in the magnificent Bastide space which houses the equestrian center. A large audience came to see and encourage the approximately 130 competitors who came to compete with complete sportsmanship in four spectacular disciplines: dressage, timed handling, cattle sorting and the famous country course. Emotion when a young rider misses an obstacle, suspense when the horse tends to refuse another obstacle, joy when the course ends with applause…

If, to all these ingredients, we add a wonderful atmosphere, we have a successful open.

The young Margaux, a competitor who came with her family from Cabrières, in the Gard, was delighted: "My horse, Lucki de Sauvagine, is only 3 years old . It’s his first competition and I’m happy because he did well, even if there is still work to be done. I like coming here because the atmosphere is really nice and it's a very nice competition." For President José Garcia and his team, the party, which was also attended by exhibitors offering products related to the world of horses, "was truly successful& ;quot;. As usual, we might add.

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