VIDEO. When an NBA player misses both shots to give opposing fans free chicken

VIDEO. When an NBA player misses both shots to give opposing fans free chicken

Boban Marjanovic a un cœur aussi grand que sa taille. Capture d'écran – X (BleacherReport)

Le pivot serbe Boban Marjanovic a régalé les fans angelenos cette nuit. En ratant ses deux lancers dans le quatrième quart-temps du match entre les Rockets et les Clippers, il a offert à toute la salle un sandwich gratuit. Sympathique.

The last day of the regular season often offers pretty images. And this night, Boban Marjanovic was no exception.

The Houston Rockets (11th) and the Los Angeles Clippers (5th) faced each other last night in the City of Angels. And the two teams had nothing left to play since the Rockets were already eliminated from the race for the playoffs, and the Clippers had secured their fourth place in the West. A match without much at stake therefore.

The Clippers have many sponsors, and among them, Chick-fil-A, an American fast food chain. During the last quarter, there is a tradition: "In each home game, if the visiting team misses two consecutive free throws in the 4th quarter- time, everyone gets a free 'Original Chick-fil-A Sandwich'.

So, when Boban shows up on the line and misses the first throw, the room inevitably hopes that he misses the second. The latter jumps up and deliberately misses his second throw before looking at the audience, his finger raised to the sky.

One last little gift before the playoffs, where the Clippers will face Luka Doncic's Dallas Mavericks in the first round.

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