Volleyball: “In the play-offs, everything will be possible” believes the German player from Montpellier Moritz Reichert

Volleyball: “In the play-offs, everything will be possible” believes the German player from Montpellier Moritz Reichert

Reichert va croiser son ancien club, Tourcoing. Midi Libre – SYLVIE CAMBON

Avant la réception de Tourcoing, vendredi (20h) à Castelnau, le réceptionneur-attaquant Moritz Reichert (28 ans) évoque la saison du MHSC VB et les Jeux Olympiques qu’il va disputer avec l’Allemagne, cet été à Paris.

How do you analyze the success against Toulouse which qualifies MHSC VB for the semi-finals of the Coupe de France in Poitiers, March 5 ?

We had to react after the defeat against Paris (3-0) in the championship last Saturday. We were not happy with our performance. This time it was a playoff match, we played well winning 3-0. This gives us confidence before the reception in Tourcoing on Friday.

How do you explain that the team is performing better at home than away at the moment ?< /p>

It’s easier to play in the room where you practice. We can also count on our supporters, they help us in case of difficulty. And then the team playing at home has an advantage since it doesn’t have to travel. It’s the addition of all these aspects that explains it.

You have entered a period of the season which promises to be decisive…

In France, the championship is still very close. There is more than a month left of the regular season, we have to look for the best position for the play-offs. Everything will be possible then. At the moment, we are sixth, it's not the best position, I hope we can find ourselves higher in the ranking. You have to be 100% in the upcoming period. It’s time to show that we are capable of playing at a high level and winning.

How do you personally rate your season ?

For me, individual performance is linked to team results. I had a good start to the season before experiencing a period of physical fatigue in December, the aftereffect of a long summer with my national team.

What is your role within the team ?

On the pitch, I always make sure to offer a good solution to the passer, so that he knows that he can give me the ball with confidence. I also try to work well every day in training to be an example for the young people.

How do you feel in Montpellier ?

I feel very good, it’s a great city. There are plenty of things to do besides volleyball. There is also a lot of sun, it’s not the same as in Germany (laughs). I also like the room, the many spectators who come to see us during the matches. The organization of the club is very good, you just have to think about playing volleyball. I have a one-year contract, we'll see what happens next.

After your club season, you will participate in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games with Germany. What does this competition mean to you ?

For all athletes, it’s the biggest competition in the world. In volleyball, Germany does not always qualify for the Games. The last ones were those of London in 2012. In 2021, we lost the final of the qualifying tournament against France. It’s so good to have qualified this time. I can't wait to live this experience, especially because I'm already in France and we talk about it every day here.

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