Water polo: a complicated return home for Sète Natation

Water polo: a complicated return home for Sète Natation

Faced with a solid northern team, the Sétois failed to find the fault in attack. FREE NOON – Jérôme Belluire

In the French Elite championship, the Sétois lost 8-12 this Wednesday March 13 against Tourcoing.

This Wednesday evening was the big return of the Sète polo players to their Laurent-Vidal basin. For a poster that was not a gift, against a team from Tourcoing which is logically at the top of the Elite table.

Not favorites, Olivier Chandieu’s men however got off to a good start by scoring a goal, through Van Den Burg, in their first attack (1-0). Unfortunately, this was not going to set the tone for the meeting. On a penalty, the former Sétois Furman deceived Joubert, Dentro gave the advantage back to the locals still on the penalty spot and that was it for this first quarter (2-1). Behind, the Tourquennois accelerated and ended the period with a score of 2-5 thanks to Colodrovschi, Canonne, Durik and Furman.

An attack in difficulty

Subsequently, the Sétois held up rather well defensively, with a few contested attacks, a few intercepted balls and a few saves from Joubert. But on the other side of the basin, they unfortunately could not find the fault. Lopinot (3-5) and Halajian (4-6) were the only ones to score, many of Sète's shots being blocked by the opposing defense without the visiting goalkeeper even having to work.

Halftime arrived with a score of 4-7 and the third quarter was going to be crippling. From the start, Joubert conceded a penalty then Olivier Chandieu was not heard when he asked for a time out. Result: loss of ball, goal from Canonne and Tourcoing who escapes (4-9). The attack stammered and, even when the shots opened, Dentro and Chandieu found the post (5-12). The gap was made and the Sète comeback in the last quarter was anecdotal (8-12).

The technical sheet

► SÈTE…………………………8
► TOURCOING…………..12

Raoul-Fonquerne Center
Around 200 spectators
Quarter time details: 2-5, 2-2, 1-5, 3-0.

SÈTE : Lopinot (2 goals), Halajian (1), Van Den Burg (1), Dentro (2, including 1 pen) , Da Silva (1), Mureddu (1).
Four temporary exclusions.

TOURCOING : Furman (4 goals, including 2 pen), Colodrovschi (2, including 1 pen), Durik (1), Canonne ( 3, including 1 pen), Kujacic (2).
Seven temporary exclusions.

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