“Dead prison” this Wednesday, May 15: no entry, no exit at Gasquinoy, in Béziers

“Dead prison” this Wednesday, May 15: no entry, no exit at Gasquinoy, in Béziers

The guards will block the entrance to the prison and external missions will not take place. PS-ML

At the call of the inter-union of prison guards (Ufap, FO and CGT), in reaction to the attack on the convoy which took place in Eure, Tuesday 14  May, having left two dead and three seriously injured, the guards of Béziers prison will block the establishment from 6 a.m. this Wednesday.

"This Wednesday, May 15, it will be a dead prison: no entry, no exit", says David Parmentier, Ufap local secretary at the Béziers penitentiary center. The supervisor, like all the staff of all the prisons in France, is in mourning and angry, following the attack on a convoy at the Incarville toll gate in the ;Eure, this Tuesday, May 14, which left two dead and three seriously injured. And to add: "A very very heavy toll, we were initially stunned, then, it was rage that took over ."

"A sadly dark day for our profession"

Thus, with his colleagues from the inter-union (Ufap, FO justice and CGT), "in memory of our fallen colleagues and as a sign of protest and to guarantee the safety of all, the Béziers penitentiary center will therefore be blocked tomorrow. On this sadly dark day for our profession, our thoughts go first and foremost to the families and loved ones of our colleagues cowardly murdered or injured in the exercise of their duties. These everyday heroes were caught in a fatal ambush orchestrated by heavily armed criminals. This event once again illustrates the extreme dangers we face."

Urgent measures to be taken

He continues: "What is regrettable is that unfortunately there has to be this kind of drama to make our administration aware of the dangers of our profession", referring in particular to his colleagues from the Regional Center for Judicial Extractions (Preg) who, he indicates, "provide two-person escorts even though this is strictly prohibited , a minimum of three agents is required.

In addition, the supervisors express their desire to ride in unmarked vehicles. "We've been asking for this for a long time, but we still don't have an answer. We also ask that videoconferencing be used much more during court hearings or administrative or judicial meetings. This would greatly minimize the risks, especially when it comes to dangerous profiles."

Tomorrow, Wednesday, the supervisors could decide to renew their protest movement.

Support from public prosecutors

Raphaël Balland, president of the National Conference of Public Prosecutors and public prosecutor at the Béziers judicial court  indicates: "The national conference of public prosecutors would like to express its support to all prison administration agents following the' 39;attack, which occurred today in the Eure, of a van transporting a detainee, during which agents were killed. This crime terrible reminds us how prison administration agents carry out on a daily basis a job that is both essential and sensitive, in direct contact with the courts. The national conference of public prosecutors sends its condolences to the relatives and colleagues of the victims."

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