Disappearance of Lina: rumors, “odious innuendoes”, “tainted memory”… the difficult fight of the teenager’s mother

Investigations continue regarding the investigation into the disappearance of young Lina, 15 years old. But rumors about the teenager continue to multiply on social networks.

On September 23, 2023, Lina, 15, mysteriously disappeared between her home and the Saint-Blaise-la-Roche station in Bas-Rhin. Since then, the teenager has not been found. More than six months after her disappearance, Louise Colcombet, journalist at Parisien, took stock of the investigation in a podcast, where she reveals the surge of violence and hatred on social networks, which Fanny Groll, Lina's mother, must face.

"His memory is already dirty"

There are numerous speculations around the disappearance of the young girl on the web. Lina's family and loved ones must face the multiple attacks of which they are victims. The rumors, very often malicious, "the [Fanny Groll, Editor's note] smear herself, Tao and also Lina& quot;, says the journalist.

The teenage girl's love life is often criticized, which has earned her a reputation online. "She had a little major boyfriend. With this odious implication which suggests that, ultimately, she was looking for it a little and that it is the fault of the victim. It's unbearable for this mother, comments Louise Colcombet, quoted by DH net.

A situation which becomes difficult for Fanny Groll, due to the mystery which hangs over the case of the disappearance of her daughter, since she does not know where the investigation is, nor if Lina is still alive or not. "Besides, his memory is already dirty. And that's really a double punishment, says the journalist from Parisien.


On March 26, three people were questioned on Tuesday by the gendarmes. All from Alsace, the suspects have no connection with Lina. They have already been questioned by investigators in recent months and were not in police custody for the same reasons.

According to our colleagues from Parisien, a couple was heard because of their statements. These septuagenarians had declared that they had seen Lina on the day of her disappearance, but the investigation, and in particular the telephone investigations, showed that this was impossible.

Custody was to make it possible to understand whether it was a simple error or whether the couple deliberately lied to the police. But lack "of’incriminating elements", custody of the three suspects was lifted, according to BFMTV.

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